There has been a rapid increase in the usage of plastic packaging in the last decade or so. Simultaneously there are many improvement and advancement that we can follow in these times. We have seen more and more sleeve technologies coming into use in newer machines. Also, following the always getting higher line-speed, Customers are now more conscious about the risk of fire due to electric sparc, hence the demand for antistatic materials is a common one now.


For this industry, Ustegra offer complete line of roller products, starting from the very beginning (line-feed), then into the gravure printing unit with various materials (including ESA line), to the teflon-oversleeve covered roller, until the finish reel (including air-shafts) and even Teflon coatings for ink-ductor and reservoir . Our technical support staffs are always in constant contact with a flexible-packing printer somewhere, and so we are very much aware of the uniqueness of Indonesia's flexible packaging Customers. Many of our flexible-packaging making Customers are a part of the bigger 'Plastic Processing Factory' which we also intensively serve.



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