Plastic sector is one of our major focal point now. Our rollers are used mainly in the plastic-film & shopping bag making industry and its subsequent processing steps. This will normally start from a cast extrusion machine, drawing machine, corona treating process etc. The shopping bag making industry would normally use blown-film extrusion technique.
Our product's highlight here is the Extra Release Ultima Silicone, which is especially helpful for processors that has sticky-plastic sheet problems. Further processing such as coating, laminating, metallizing etc. can be done by the plastic-film maker, our by other processors.


Ustegra offers many rubber materials in the Ultima Pro series, Teflon oversleeve as well as Teflon coatings (among other coating types), expander roller, air-shaft.
We always encourage our Customers in this sector to get a digital nip measurement tool, developed by NipControl, our principal from Sweden (Our technical support will gladly demo the tool at your site!).
A speciality of our products is our Corona Treater roller. This silicone based cover material is specially formulated by our partner in UK, which has a very high dielectricity constant. This will help our Customer to reduce the energy needed to treat the film, which in turn will save a lot of money.



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