Safety is paramount in the food industry, both for its packaging and especially in the processing machines that comes in direct contact with the food itself. Ustegra understands the need for safe materials, may it be as the cover rollers (which must free of heavy metal and hazardous substances); also for the thin Teflon-Coating (we will use here the 'food-grade' coating) and trending nowadays are the teflon oversleeve, which simply makes the roller much more cleaner.


We are also very proactive in pushing the usage of safe varnish for food packaging industry. Our sister company Cemerlang Nata Citra is the exclusive Indonesian distributor for PULSE from UK, who manufactures:
safe for direct-contact waterbased coating and UV varnish that is free from the
     dangerous benzophenone and ITX
and can be put even on the outer of a food packaging (it won't migrate into the food inside)
(all certifications and documentations will be provided)



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