Sometimes your old roller can still be used for longer and not to be scrapped just yet.
In many cases, we can repair the cover surface (rubber, PU/poly, metall, composite etc) by means of grinding etc.
Re-Grinding (as well as re-crowning) is a very important maintenance-procedure that many Customers underestimate, or simply forget; eventhough the rubber roller's performance will depend greatly on the roller-nip, thus the roller-profile.
Further, other service jobs such as regrooving, dynamic balancing and even drilling can be done to extend the roller lifetime. For finishing processes, we employ our best machineries from USA and Europe with a very tight grinding tolerance.


For our premium grades: the grinding result will be measured using state-of-the-art CNC profile meter. Ustegra also understands the importance of logistics and tight maintenance-schedule at our Customer's side. We will work closely and flexibly with our Customers, so the roller being sent to us for surface reconditing will be sent back to our Customer's plant in timely manner.

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