Paper and tissue making is a very demanding manufacturing industry.
Rollers used here need to deal with high pressure and a very high line-speed; while keeping its properties and have a reasonable long life-time. Materialwise, we are offering a range of Ultra-Series, which we import from our European partner. This equals the properties of rubber compounds used by major and premium paper-machine maker. We have also PU (poly) materials that can be use on a few roller applications.
Teflon over-sleeve cover is also applicable here, normally used for some banana rollers.


Normally the rollers are picked-up by our own fleet at your mill-site. The rollers will be sent to our prime WorkShop, where we have adequate lifting capacity to handle it properly. Rollers received will be inspected and assessed first. This pre-work inspection, together with the final results will all be documented, and the document will be submitted to our Customer. In our machine-pool we are utilizing many heavy-duty and state-of-the-art CNC-based machineries. This applies not only for processing machines (such as grinders, groover, autoclave, balancer and multi-drill machine) but our measurement tools are also from the highest standard.

Also complementing our service for our Paper Mill Customers: we are in the position to measure some variables in-situ (at your machine). Our technical support can do vibroanalysis (to check if there is vibration problem) and also we can check the pressure distribution along the roller-axis, when it is placed in the machine.



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