Teflon is one of the most inert, slippery and non-stick material in existence. By putting teflon over-sleeve on top of base-material (for example: rubber), then we can combine some of base-material properties and still getting the unique Teflon properties above as well. Ustegra offers the sleeve to be installed by our Customers themselves, but we strongly encourage our Customers to let us do the work instead, to ensure that it will sit tightly and have excellent dynamic roller properties.



We offer the standard teflon sleeve (which is visually see-through) but also the one-of-a-kind electro-conductive over-sleeve which makes it interresting for Customers who doesn't want a static build-up on the sleeve, and risk fire-hazard by getting an incidental spark. Together with our special conductive-rubber, this black over-sleeve will pass electrostatic to the machine ground, which then can be safely purged to the earth connector.
This is extremely important for Customers who must work with flammable chemicals, such as those in the flexible-packaging industry.



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