Sometimes that old roller can still be used further and not to be scrapped just yet, which is especially of upmost importance for big and huge rollers with high value.
We regard our Customers as our partners and understand their need for efficiency by checking if a repair is still feasible.
Worn rollers sent to us will be assesed thoroughly. Most of the times, we can repair metal-cores (journals, bearing seats etc) by utilizing welding, thermal spray and other techniques. And some other times we can repair the cover surface (rubber etc) by means of grinding etc.


For critical applications (such as rollers used in Paper-Mill): all of our works and its measurements will be documented and saved in our data-center. A copy of the repair works report will also be sent to the Customer for quality management trackability purposes. We welcome our Customers to jointly co-inspect the rollers, which is also a good opportunity to exchange technical ideas and discussions.



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